Use of digital images

Use of digital images – photography and video

To comply with Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before we can photograph or make recordings of your daughter/son.

If the child is named we don’t use their photograph.
If their photograph is used we avoid naming the child.

Where showcasing examples of children’s work we only use their first names, rather than their full names.

Only images of children in suitable dress are used.

Staff are not allowed to take photographs or videos on their personal equipment.

Examples of how digital photography and video may be used include:

  • Your child being photographed as part of learning activity; e.g. photographing children at work and then sharing pictures allowing children to see their work and make improvements.
  • Your child’s image for presentation purposes around the nursery,: wall displays or nursery books.
  • Your child’s image being used in a presentation about the nursery and its work to shares its good practice, which is shown to other parents, nurseries, schools or educators. In rare events your child’s image could appear in media if a newspaper photographer or television film crew attend an event.

Note: If we or you, actually wanted your child’s image linked to their name, we would contact you separately.

Further information for parents on e- safety can be found at:


I agree to the Sunny Day Care using photographs of my child or including them in video materials as described above. I understand that images will only be used to support learning activities or in publicity that reasonably promotes the work of the nursery and for no other purpose.


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