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Ethos and aims

At Sunny Day Care we consider each child to have unique potential to offer the world. We are passionate to develop that potential through love, protection, independence, imagination and creativity.

We do believe that children are our best teachers.

We do believe that there are NOT naughty children but there are bored children.

We do believe that we prepare the children with right moral and attitude for the future jobs which do not exist yet.

Sunny Day Care is fully committed to offer a safe, hygienic and stimulating environment for the children in our care. Our dedicated team of teachers and carers will do any efforts to supply a high quality of childcare in all its aspects: the physical care that meets the needs of each child and educational program that develops the best of each child’s potential. We aim to give each child the best possible start and a school readiness of the highest possible level.

We are happy to offer opportunity that stimulates abilities for relationship and socialising as an important part of child’s development and progress. We do encourage progress and development. We open a room for imagination, creativity, new and innovative ideas.

We are opened to questions, suggestions and criticism. Parents’ opinions, experience and knowledge are valuable for us and we would appreciate discussions and suggestions about the whole service offered to them. We are ready to adopt any idea, method or advice if we found them appropriate.

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