superman-png-19812Michaela Gordon – September 2016
“Sunny Day Care lives up to and beyond that which I expected. Whilst primarily it is insured that they put the needs of our daughter first and helped her blossom into the happy little girl she is today. Teagan was a shy timid little girl who whilst under your care found her voice and has learned to interact successfully in unfamiliar environment. It was also enable her to settle in reception.

Both my partner and I look forward to use your service again with Yasmin as we are confident in the care you provide.”

Dimitrinka Dimitrova – July 2016
“Thank you for all your care, professional way, education development and support that you have provided for my daughter Karina. She has truly become a kind, bright and confident little girl which is down to all of the lovely staff at this amazing nursery. We cannot put into words how thankful we are. Karina really came out of her shell and we really appreciate all the help and encouragement you all have given.”

Milena Popova – September 2014
“I am writing as a mother of two children with experience at Sunny Day Care. I feel lucky to be offered places for both of my children at that nursery.

It is a very special service for me as the staff there is friendly, dedicated and devoted to their work with children. The highly effective program of activities is a robust start for the children. It is amazing that they managed to support English as a second language for most of the children and they are well prepared for the next stage, starting school.

mickey-mouse-pngTsetomira Nikolova – September 2014
My first child has grown in Sunny Day Care where he received a brilliant care and started school well prepared. The fact that I have brought my second child to the same childcare speaks itself a lot. My second child feels relaxed and emotionally attached to the people working there as a result of their excellent service. Spending almost five years altogether with the same nursery was a wonderful experience for me as a parent. It is all about the convenience, relationship, wealth of opportunities for my children to learn, explore and discover.”

Vera Notovich – May 2011
“Sunny day Care provides a wide range of fun activities including outdoor exercises. The members of staff there are great communicators and have no trouble in gaining my daughter’s confidence and therefore encouraging good behaviour, kindness and compassion to others”.

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