Equal opportunity

Sunny Day Care
Equal opportunity policy

Policy statement

I offer a friendly atmosphere free from discrimination. I make sure that every child is included and not disadvantaged, but also that they learn from the earliest age to value diversity in others and grow up making a positive contribution to society.

Policy procedure

I will focus on each child individual learning, development and care needs by:

  • removing or helping to overcome barriers for children where these already exist;
  • being alert to the early signs of needs that could lead to later difficulties and respond quickly and appropriately, involving other agencies as necessary;
  • stretching and challenging all children.

All children, irrespective of ethnicity, culture and religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties or disabilities, gender or ability will have the opportunity to experience a challenging and enjoyable program of learning and development.

Parents’ experience is valuable for me. I respect all family and national customs and believes, dress code and dietary requirements.

Please feel free to discuss with me.


Equality Act 2006
Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
Care Standards Act 2000
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Race Relation Act 1976
Sex Discrimination Act 1975


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