Accident and Incident Policy

All parents receive an information pack with copies of the policies and procedures to sign. Parents are ask to sign a parental consent form where they give their permission for me to administer first aid and get emergency services for their child.

Policy Statement
The safety of the children is paramount for me and I will take every measure they can to protect children from hurting themselves. However sometimes accidents happen.

Aim of the policy
This policy is intended to set out the values, principles underpinning our approach and the way I will deal with accidents.

The goals are:
– prevent accidents
-prevent worsening of condition when accident happens
– ensure that first aider always attend in the premises

I will comfort the child and reassure them
I will assess the extent of their injuries and if necessary call for medical support/ ambulance/
I will carry out any first aid procedures that are necessary
I will contact the parents as soon as possible to inform them of the accident and if necessary to ask you to return to return to care for your child.
Every accident however minor will be recorded and the report will be presented to the parents to be signed.
Minor injuries will be reported verbally at pick up time but recorded and parent’s signature will be required
If the accident requires any medical treatment we will inform Ofsted and our Insurance company.

In event of emergency I will:
Medical emergencies:
Loss of consciousness
Breathing difficulties
Severe bleeding
Neck or back injuries
Severe headache
Severe vomiting/vomiting blood
Possible broken bones
I will give First aid and CPR if necessary
Call 999
Inform the parents or a person listed to call in an emergencies
Fire, Gas leak
On the sound of the alarm I will evacuate the children out of the building
Assistant are trained and aware of evacuation procedure
Fire drills – about every three months
Assembly point –square adjoining the car park
I will make sure that all the children are out of the building
I will make sure I have with me my mobile phone and First aid kit and register
Check the number of children
Contact fire brigade
Not entering the premises until it is safe to do so
Inform the parents. Children will be taken to my assistant’s house the address is given to the parents.
If possible I will come back to direct the parents coming to collect their children.
I have a security procedure to minimise the risk to the children:
Front door kept lock at all the time and the key is taken out and kept out of reach of the children
Visitors are accompanied at all the time and not left with children alone
In spite if a child goes missing:
I will make sure all other children are safe and secure and present
Check all the premises and garden
Inform child’s parents
Inform the police

A list of emergencies telephone numbers is on place.

DfEE Guidance on First Aid
HPA Guidance on Infection Control in Childcare settings
EYFS Statutory Guidance
Dfes Managing Medicines in Early Years Settings

Signature: Reviewed and updated February 2016

Manager: Y Handzhieva


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