Collecting and lost child procedure 2016

Sunny Day Care
Collecting and lost child procedure

Safety of the children is a paramount importance. In order to ensure the safety of the children we will ensure that:


All children are supervised by adults at all times and will always be within the sight of an adult.
All parents must complete a registration form where they give detail of persons who will collect and bring the child.
All the parents must give details of two persons for emergency contact.
Children will only leave the nursery with authorised adults.
All adults are aware of the system in operation for childrenā€˜s arrivals and departures and an adult will be at the door during these periods.
If there is a delay after 6pm more than 15 minutes and we cannot contact the parents/main carer we will try emergency contacts.
If the delay is more than 30 minutes without contact from the parents and emergency contacts we will contact social services.
Front doors are kept locked at all times.
Security cameras and alarm are in place.
Staff advised for arrangements of opening the door and questions to ask.
Visitors are accompanied at all time during their visit.
All adults are aware of their responsibility and roles of event of fire.

In spite of all measure in case of a missing child we will contact the police and parents immediately.

Signed: Updated: February 2016
Manager: Y Handzhieva


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