Nappies and toileting policy

Sunny Day Care is committed to excellent hygiene and care for children that meets children needs

We provide nappies and wet wipes.
We provide toilet training and we do it gradually depending on child abilities and stage development.
We use potties and additional toilet training seats
We help the children lifting them from their underarms
We encourage the children to start the physical self-care

In case a child gets dirty in any way we will change the child immediately. The dirty clothes are placed in a plastic bag, stored in a box outside in the garden area and returned to the parents at collection. We do not wash children clothes.

All used nappies are placed in a nappy bin outside in the rear garden in the clinical waste bin which is emptied regularly from the professional service.

We will keep record of toileting and nappy change.

We change the child immediately if they are soiled. We change all the children wearing nappies between 9 and 10am, before afternoon rest and between 3 and 4pm. The time may vary depending on arrival of the child.

Manager: Y Handzhieva
Reviewed on: 09/05/2016


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