Food and drink policy 2016

Food and drink policy

We do understand the importance of healthy eating for child’s growing and development. We do any effort to supply fresh food of a good quality and prepare well balanced and nutritious menus. The meals are freshly prepared in the settings. Alternatives are always available.

We meet any dietary requirement and respect the preferences of each child. Every day we serve fresh fruit and vegetables and the children are encouraged to consume them regularly.

Water is accessible at all the time. We serve milk and water as a regular drink and occasionally juice as a party drink.

We do not offer fizzy drinks.

We serve four meals during the day as follow:


It will provide 20% of the energy and nutrition for the day

Breakfast is served between 7:30 and 9am as soon as the child arrives. Children who arrive after 9am will be offered breakfast but parents need to tell us that the child didn’t have breakfast at home.


It will provide 10% as a proportion of the requirements of the day

We offer fruit as a snack at 10am.


It will provide 30% of the energy and nutrition of the day

Lunch is a three course menu: soup, first course and desert.
First course: meat or fish boiled or roast /we do not fry/, a thick garnish like potatoes, rice, beans and fresh raw vegetables.

Desert is mainly fruit, yogurt or custard. Cakes are served only at parties.

Lunch is served between 11:45 and 13:15.

Early lunch group: 11:45

= young children who need to have their afternoon rest and nap earlier
=children who arrive early and have their breakfast earlier
=children who need to be fed
=children who will be collected after lunch

All children receive help from the adults depending on their abilities in order to make sure each child have enough food but at the same time all the children are encouraged to eat independently.

We do not force children to eat and we do not accept such an advice from the parents. There are different methods of a kindest manner that work better.

Afternoon tea/snack/ – between 3:30 and 4pm

It will provide 20% of the energy and nutrition of the day

We consider the child’s needs of rest and sleep and collection time.
It is parents responsibly to inform us of any medical conditions or other reasons for diets.

Signed: Reviewed: March 2016
Manager: Y Handzhieva


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